Local Artist in Focus: Martin Swords

Todays ‘Artist in Focus’ is core team member Martin Swords. 

A published poet and active member of Wicklow Writers Group, Martin has a background in Advertising, Radio and Graphic Design.

His work has been published in Lifelines New and Collected, Voyage, A View from Tiglin and The Space Inside. In 2007, his work also appeared in the CD “Voices from the Shore” by the Wicklow Writers Group.

He currently lives in Tiglin, Co. Wicklow

Below is the text and audio from his 2007 poem ‘Mountain Stream Song’. To read more about Martin, you can visit his artist page here.

As a silver comb slips

through newborn golden hair,

soft stream trickles

merrily through the moss.

With plith and splinkle

the drops play

their mountain music

on the organ stones

I stop and listen

sharing the nascent song,

enchanted, soaring,

searching for the words”

©Martin Swords Jan. 2007

 Mountain Stream Song by GlendaloughArtsNetwork


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