Fireside Session – Updated

The all new Glenaldough Arts Network ‘Fireside Sessions’ grew out of discussions between the core group following last years hugely successful ‘Lights in the Valley’ event.

It was decided that we needed a regular networking event, one where individuals in the area could showcase their work. It was also decided that we would record these ‘sessions’, and add them to the artists’ online portfolios. Glenaldough Green seemed like an excellent place to start, and the new stove gave us our title. The ‘Fireside Sessions’ it was.

Each month, a member of the network will take on the job of organising the event, picking 3 or 4 artists who would like to use the space for that particular session. Brendan Phelan, sometime filmmaker and sometime monk, has taken on the first event and the line up is as follows:

  • Martin Swords: Poet – poems from one of Wicklow’s finest
  • Brendan Phelan: Filmmaker – screening a short film based around the ‘Lights in the Valley’ event
  • Pat Conroy: adventurer, visual artist, Limerick man and all round nice guy will be doing a short presentation on his work.
  • There will also be music by Alan O’Baille & Julie Byrne.

So drop up if you are around. It’ll be a fairly relaxed affair and a few technical problems aside, we are expecting it all to run really rather smoothly.

We would especially like to thank Clodagh and all the crew in Glendalough Green for their support.

  • Location: Glendalough Green, Laragh, Co Wicklow
  • Date: Friday March 4th
  • Time: 7:00 – 9:00pm

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