Tinahely Arts Group Events

TAG is currently working on a major public art project to coincide with the annual Tinahely Trail Walking Festival in 2011. The Tinahely Sheep Flock will be comprised of approximately two dozen 2‐dimensional metal sheep (almost one metre in length and more than half a meter tall, with some smaller lambs), each of which will be customised by individual artists in a variety of styles and materials. The flock will celebrate Tinahely’s history as a vibrant market town and will be unveiled at a central location on the Festival Weekend, on Friday April 29th. Each sheep will have an ear tag identifying its designer, and the flock will make a striking visual display for this busy weekend.Details of TAG and our members can be found on the group’s website at
http://tinahelyartsgroup.wordpress.com. For more information you can e‐mail the committee at: tinahelyartists@gmail.com. Individual bios and photos can be made available through the committee, and the Tinahely Sheep Flock project will be documented in images, words and video.
Contact: Shelley Hayes, Chairman (086) 1716740 or tinahelyartists@gmail.com


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