Tapas, Tantra, Tales & Tunes
This Friday Night at The Glendalough Green(top shop) Laragh from 7pm to 9pm

4 T’s for a Night to Remember !
I hope you can come along to join with us and enjoy
Elanah is a Spanish girl living in the area and she is going to tell us what Food has to do with Art.
We will have the opportunity to order and sample Tapas prepared by her in the most Spanish Style.

Expect good music too, Matt is a young local musician who is eager to tell us about his Music Project.
He has been playing with his band on TV and Radio, and now it’s  time for us to get to know his talent.

Did you ever hear about Tantra?
Tantra is another form of Art which uses all the senses.
Fiona is a Tantra practitioner who lives in Rathdrum and she will help us to understand all
the mysteries surrounding this Ancient Art.

Rosaleen will put the icing on this lovely evening by encouraging our listening to a tale of imaginationto transport us to a magical place.
Enjoy Food, Wine, and Art at The Fireside Session
Come All and Enjoy All


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