Drumming Workshop with Tom Quinn – Brockagh Resource Centre – Mon Oct 15th. 7:00pm Start

Glendalough Arts Network and the Brockagh Centre are delighted to invite Tom Quinn of Tribal Spirit to Laragh for a series of fun and therapeutic Workshops, starting on Monday 15th of October, 7 – 8pm with a FREE Introductory Night.

The main drumming workshops will begin on Tuesday October 23rd, 7 – 8:30 in the centre.

You can download the poster here.

Contact the Brockagh Centre on 0404 45600 & leave your contact information to book a place.

This drum circle invites people to come together to celebrate community and life through rhythm and music. We use African drums such as djembe, boogeraboo, djun dujns and other instruments such as bells and shakers. We learn celebratory and healing rhythms and chants from the tribal cultures of planet earth. We work as a group to create the rhythms. Everyone has something to offer within a drum circle.

Tribal spirit Drumming offers a holistic approach to community music, at its root the use of the drum, chant, and ritual, specifically as powerful tools for healing, personal growth, and empowerment. Tribal spirit centres on the creation of space for the ingestion of healthy positive nutrition (nutrition defined as : all things that we receive into our bodies, minds and spirits, such as ; food, air, water, light, colour, sound, information, touch ).

The Tribal spirit Ethos is ; absolute beginners, absolutely welcome, where a safe space is created to enable us to celebrate human potential and creativity and where we can restore our spirits, our connection with ourselves and each other

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